Colette Vermeulen

Subtle yet vibrant, the paper creations of Colette Vermeulen offer a stunning partnership between colour and form. Creating collages, screen prints and paper pulp sculptures from recycled materials, Vermeulen’s multidisciplinary work pairs artisan design and intuitive poeticism.

Born in the Netherlands, Vermeulen studied fashion at the Artez Institute in Arnhem and London’s prestigious Royal College of Art. Having worked successfully in fashion and textile for many years, Vermeulen took the plunge and embarked on her own art practice in 2016. Upon undertaking an artist residency at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Arizona, Vermeulen’s practice evolved, using the versatile potential of paper to express the limitless horizons and light of the desert landscape.

Playing with geometric and organic forms, Vermeulen’s semi-abstraction takes inspiration from architecture, biomorphism and elements of colour theory. Her work has been exhibited in shows across the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and China. Colette Vermeulen lives and works in Berlin.