Ignazio Lozano

 Devotedly attentive, Spanish-born photographer and artist Ignazio Lozano’s work explores the aesthetic parallels between the natural environment and the human form.


After working as an Art Director for various fashion and retail companies, Lozano shifted his focus towards his creative practice, regularly contributing to esteemed magazines as both a photographer and editor. This multidisciplinary background is clear in Lozano’s practice, creating work imbued with an elegant poeticism. Toying with abstraction, Lozano’s work re-presents the male nude, offering the viewer brief glimpses of embrace, struggle and tenderness.


In Lozano’s work the nude exists both within and beyond the natural space, both a vulnerable body moving through the world and a form of living sculpture. The harmonious palettes of his images work beautifully in serial, inviting the viewer to form their own collection around the forms which speak to them.

Available artworks