Inderjeet Sandhu

The work of sculptor and designer Inderjeet Sandhu explores the power of dualism, creating cross-disciplinary work at once playful and poetic, industrial and elegant.


Sandhu studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and London’s Royal College of Art. A background in jewellery design, his practice deftly questions the belonging and dis-belonging encountered in the diasporic experience. Indian-Dutch, Sandhu’s work investigates differences of expression, asking how these encounters shape definitions of home, sexuality, and personal identity. Sandhu’s work in this middle space takes materials and lifts them out of their familiar context, projects such as “Furnitool” exploring the friction between mechanics and refinement found in contemporary design.


Sandhu’s work is a space where anything is possible, and this explorative approach is paired with expert craftsmanship. His wide range of work includes furniture, wall pieces, sculptures, and glassware. Inderjeet Sandhu’s pieces have been exhibited in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, he lives and works in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.