Jasper Zwartjes

With the technical brilliance required from 8×10” polaroid photography, Jasper Zwartjes’ images radiate flair, revealing the splendour found at close range. In a contemporary vision of the Dutch still life, Zwartjes’ series “Instant Stills & Positive Stills” present a stunning take on the classic genre.


Born in the Netherlands, Jasper Zwartjes studied photography at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and went on to work as an international photographer for fashion, short films, editorial and commercial work. Alongside these impressive commercial projects, Zwartjes honed his own art practice, publishing two photo books: “First Polaroid” and “Holy Family.”


A leading figure in the field, Jasper Zwartjes founded the Own Your Eye series, continuing to guide the next generation of talent through tutorials and masterclasses at esteemed arts institutions across the Netherlands.