Joram Blomkwist

Centred in themes of consumption and luxury, the work of Dutch photographer Joram Blomkwist grapples with the pursuit, and destruction of, iconic symbols of wealth.


Growing up around studios and film sets, Blomkwist attended the Art Direction School and worked for many years as an acclaimed international photography assistant. Through this background in advertising campaigns and editorial work, Blomkwist developed a fascination with the behind the scenes of a story, using his camera to illuminate issues of material fetishism and abundance. In his critically praised series “Crushed Cars” Blomkwist deftly exposes the lifespan of luxury, asking what happens to value when these objects no longer serve us?


Blomkwist’s most recent work “Sound of Silence” documents deserted nightclubs during the closures of the Covid-19 pandemic and was nominated for selecting the Dutch Photography Awards. Joram Blomkwist’s impressive body of work has appeared in national publications and exhibitions, he continues to live and work in Amsterdam.