Cars Cars Cars

On view: March 5th – April 24th

Curated by Addie Elliott & Tjarda Wessels

Created in partnership with Elliott Gallery this collaborative exhibition hosts seventeen artists across our two collections, tracing the car as a trusted vehicle, plaything and cultural icon across the decades. Our group show pays homage to the enduring power of the car, its cultural meanings and its visual significance. 

Cars as play.

In the sensual images of Ignazio Lozano the car becomes an escape, a meeting place for anonymous desire. The car is a toy, a playground, an endless source of imagination. The expert polaroids of Jasper Zwartjes’ miniature race cars and the irreverent collage works of Antoni+Alison continue to experiment with this limitless potential.

Cars as style.

Both an onlooker and sign to moving fashions, the car is an expert model and forever in vogue. Since the fashion photography of Sheila Rock to the sunlit cruisers of Sophie Ebrard and Jochem van Grunsven, our photographers continue to capture this flair in all its magnetism.  

Cars as history.

From the wrecked Ferrari pulled from the Ij in Joram Blomkwist’s Nobody Knows to the kitsch Americana of Daniel Mirer’s Indifferent West, nostalgia serves a key driving force for many of our artists. We are honoured to premiere unseen works from Henry Horenstein’s Speedway series, a stunning document on the American racing scene left undisturbed for fifty years. 

We invite you to join our drive into sunkissed roadtrips, daily commutes and hedonistic races. We welcome your ride or dies, your passenger DJs and your backseat drivers. Join us as we hurtle into the future, windows down and radio blaring.