Instant Stills & Positive Stills by Jasper Zwartjes | October 2021

As the weather turned colder, we welcomed a blossom of colour into Republiek Gallery. With the premiere of Jasper Zwartjes’ “Instant Stills” & “Positive Stills” the space was filled with large scale 8×10” polaroid still lifes, verdant additions to our concrete walls.

Dutch photographer Jasper Zwartjes studied photography at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and went on to work as an international photographer for fashion, short films, editorial and commercial work. Alongside these impressive commercial projects, Zwartjes honed his own art practice, publishing two photo books: “First Polaroid” and “Holy Family.” His first exhibition at Republiek Gallery, Zwartjes’ show “Instant Stills” & “Positive Stills” offers a striking insight into the artist’s technical brilliance. Made using 8×10” polaroid photography, these images radiate flair, a contemporary take on a classic genre. As part of the launch of “Instant Stills” & “Positive Stills,” we were thrilled to host a masterclass by the photographer himself, Zwartjes offering advice and guidance to photographers, collectors and the wider public.